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Reykjavík - STUDENT MOBILITY - May 2019 -




The mobility took place in Reykjavík from May the 6th to the 19th. Most groups arrived on Sunday the 6th with the exception of Spain that arrived on Monday the 6th and left of Saturday the 11th with the exception of Italy that left on the 10th.

Most of the project took place in Reykjavík, where the mobility used FB as a base, were they worked on their projects, were introduced to each other and the project and lastly were given a chance to work in FabLab that is based in the school. 

In Reykjavík students also visited museums and famous monuments, like Perlan and Hallgrímskirkja.


One day was used for a field-trip in which students went to Hveragerði, Rauðhólar and Reykjadalur. The aim of the fieldtrip was to collect data for future video making. 



The aim of this mobility was to connect art and nature. Nature does not have a voice of its own so art can play a role in preserving nature and allow us to tread nature with more respect. In Iceland folktales and folklore has played a role in preserving nature therefore we believed it could serve as a cornerstone for our project. The students were divided into 6 groups, each group was given one folk story that had elements of mystery and nature. The students had to study the story and thereafter make a video that took these important elements of the folk story and created their own story. 


Monday started with Icelandic students introducing their guest to what FB had to offer, they walked around the school and introduced them to the different departments that the school has, with an emphasis on the art and textile departments. 

The first meeting was in the conference room in FB. During the first meeting we discussed what folklore was, and how important it is for Icelandic culture. Videos of elves and trolls in Icelandic folklore were shown, that highlighted that nature does not have a voice, thus tales of elves and trolls are still important because they make us tread nature with respect. 

In addition, students presented their schools and what is unique about them. In some cases students also showed examples of folktales of mysterious creatures that guard nature in their local areas. 

Before lunch students were divided into 6 groups. Each group was assigned to study a specific Icelandic folkstory. 

After lunch two artists presented their art to the participants of the project: Sigga Björg that has worked a lot with figures that she has created. The creatures are often inspired by Icelandic folklore.


And Björgvin Ívar that has been making stop motion video’s but Björgvin also used the platform to introduce the students to apps that he uses to make both stop motion videos and green screen layering. The idea was that the students would then use these apps to make a video of their own.


The following day, we started early as we used the day for a fieldtrip to Rauðhólar, Hveragerði and Reykjadalur. These places were chosen for their mysterious landscape. The landscape is unique of geothermal hot spot and lava formations were it is not hard to let your mind wonder to see images of figures in the rocks, such as troll faces or elven churches. 

In this unique landscape the students were supposed to collect data for their future videos. 

In Hveragerði students were taken to an exhibition that was focused on Icelandic folktales. Famous pictures and sculptures of figures that are found in the stories that each group had were introduced and discussed.

In the art gallery in Hveragerði, students made a 3 dimensional art piece related to the folk story that they had been assigned to and masks and glasses from Icelandic sheep wool, that were later on used as a prop for the video making.



On Wednesday the data that was collected the day before was used and students started to work on their videos. Arrangements had been made by the school, classrooms and a studio were assigned to the project. The whole day was used to make the videos, where the two artists that we got to help with the project helped and guided the process. 

Soffía Björk additionally allowed students to create figures from ink and water.

During lunch students participated in the school summer-festival, that had a lot of activities for example bubble football and a bouncing castle.



The day stared with the students finishing their videos and after it we had a final celebration buffet. To celebrate that everyone had finished their project and our togetherness. Because of wow air’s sudden bankruptcy, the Italian group had to leave early on Friday, thus, the project had to be finished on Thursday. So after the final celebration, host families and staff from FB were invited for the premiere of the videos that the students had created.


Exhibitions in Reykjavík



For the last day, the remaining groups were allowed to work on additional project, in which they were allowed access to the School’s FabLab or fabrication laboratory. The project was not connected to Icelandic folklore or nature, but was more thought as an opportunity to introduce students to FabLabs that are often found in major cities to our guests. The students got to print on t-shirts or laser-print a keychain.