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Once upon a time...

the magic nature

around the city

Once Upon a Time in  Reykjavik.  May, 6-10 2019

The aim of the Reykjavik mobility was to connect art and nature. Nature does not have a voice of its own so art can play a role in treating nature with more respect. For a long time Icelandic folktales and folklore have played a role giving nature a voice. Therefore we believed it could serve as a foundation for the mobility. To allow students to experience nature through other senses, such as listening to the water running or the wind howling or the smell of boiling hot water coming up from earth etc. The students were divided into 6 groups, each group was given one folk story that had elements of a mystery that was interwoven with nature. The students had to study the mystery and thereafter make a video that took these important elements of the folk story and created their own version of the mystery. Furthermore students were allowed to work independently on a project that allowed them to create their own mystery figure, with ink and water. To allow nature (water in this case) to create with the figure with them.