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The 'Ilhas’ in Porto: a Creative Look.  January, 27-31 2020

After some ice-breaking activities that enabled the students to get to know each other, the whole school community attended a conference on the Historical and Social Evolution of “Ilhas”. Over the following days students visited a workshop and talked to a local artist, enjoyed the exhibitions of Galeria Municipal and Serralves Museum, learned about the architectonical specificities of Casa da Música and did several workshops focused on techniques for manipulating photographs in an artistic way. After receiving different sources of inspiration students were challenged to create their own artworks. The visual projects at the final exhibition were the outcome of a week of research and reflection on “Ilhas do Bonfim”. After doing some photographic registers students performed manual interventions on their pictures, thus presenting a new aesthetics proposal. The St'Art project intends to enhance and promote the awareness of art as a way of rehabilitating and giving a new life to urban spaces in need of intervention.