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If I say city:

what comes

to your mind?

If I say city survey


When someone tells me the word “city”, I don’t think about one place only. A lot of cities come to my mind and they’re all different

from one another.

Greta Ciardi


A city is the people.

Domenica Aruta


The city is a paradox, lots of people who live close to each other yet they don’t know one another.

Erjona Domi


A place where it’s easy to feel like strangers.

Marta Nerli


City is the speed of connections, the distress that spreads inside of me when I see my reflection on the window of a shop closed to the public. The loneliness of my shadow on a green varnished door.

Edmea Fusai


A city is a continuous flow of energy, a continuous exchange

of ideas, opinions, considerations. It’s a hybrid of tradition

and innovation, a hybrid of cultures and ethnicities.

Chiara Maglione


A city is a cyclopic garden, a forest,

and as such it invokes bewilderment.

Alexandra Sollima


We are thousands and thousands. Despite this we lower our heads to watch the latest notification. We are used to running,

we never stop, we cannot waste time.

Matteo Scarabicchi

My city is blue and yellow during nighttime,

like the moon with its sky.

Manuela Conte

Smog Eating Tower

Environmental problems are deeply felt by the younger generations who, especially in recent years, have made their voices heard to defend the planet.

Environmental issues are a valid reason for exchange and collaboration between young people who, despite living in different countries, feel the need to come together to move jointly towards a better future.

As a teaching activity, the study of the SMOG-FREE-TOWER in Rotterdam led the students of class 3G to make their own project proposal. To deal with the topic of urban architecture, the Dutch prototype measures, 7X3.5 m, were given only to draw ideas of shape. Models were made in the school lab using different materials on a 1:50 scale.

Italian homage to Portuguese architecture

The main objective of this work wasto show the architectural quality of an area characterized by prominent personalities of contemporary Portuguese architecture such as Alvaro Siza, Eduardo Souto de Moura, the Mateus brothers, etc ...

By creating some models we have attempted a dialogue with some of their works trying to grasp their formal and material trait.