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If I say city:

what comes

to your mind?



Location: Pistoia, Piazza del Comune, Frescoed Rooms.

Date and time: May 8, 2020, 5:00 pm, vernissage

Participants: school authorities, city authorities, Erasmus students and teachers.

The experiences, ideas, travels, common life carried out during project mobilities and students’ mobilities are narrated along a path made up of full-length images, photographs arranged in tapes and videos. The underlying idea of the project - art can change the city - is narrated in the activities that each country participating in the project has carried out with the students. The projects conceived by the teachers and students of Porto, Bilbao, Reykjavik and Pistoia were born from surveys on the territory, from the analysis of the most urgent or characteristic aspects of the city communities. In the spaces of the exhibition, where each country has its own dedicated space, some of the works made in the cities are exhibited as well as photographs of the workshops, meetings and the lives of teachers and students.


Classroom in the Park

The project was born from the idea of sharing a principle underlying the Erasmus program: the sense of community among young people.

Among the needs of our students, the necessity emerged to create a space where they can meet, read, listen to music, but also and above all a place that allows them to "be taught".

We all know the problems related to our school building and most of all the lack of classrooms. It was therefore thought of a place where you can carry out good teaching but also where you can spend your free time. The project is placed in an urban space near our school. The ideal context was identified within a very important public garden for our city: Piazza della Resistenza. The structure to be inserted must not be "invasive" and must be made with easily assembled materials such as wood, metal, etc.

The priority is to have a visual continuity between inside and outside and to be based on a flexible organization that allows the performance of different functions. Some projects follow the theme of modularity, others take their cue from historic buildings in Pistoia, others work on the concept of street furniture. However, we can identify a common thread that connects all the ideas developed: the need to identify oneself in a place in the city that was designed by young people for young people.