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If I say city:

what comes

to your mind?


If I say city what comes to your mind?  May 4-8 2020   (CANCELLED)

On May 4, 2020, the mobility of Pistoia was to begin. It was the last phase of the St'ART project and was to host the partner countries and summarize the work carried out in the two years of project. We had had so many ideas, we had talked to our students to understand what a city is, working on the concepts of community, inclusion, marginalization, belonging, active citizenship and many more; we had held meetings with representatives of the local government, the Mayor, the Councilors for public education, culture, construction, tourism, groups of students had tried to redesign some parts of our city, inventing an open-air classroom and a tower that purifies the air by "eating" smog.

We had worked on organizing a conference in the Sala Maggiore of the Palazzo Comunale, the Town Hall, where contemporary art experts and representatives of the cultural activities of the countries involved in the project would have participated, in a mutual discussion on the themes of art as an active engine for a community of open and aware citizens.

The Conference was to be introduced by a performance, where students and teachers “carried” the words that emerged during the project and would have dropped them from the balconies of the Town Hall, like gigantic tongues unrolling in front of everyone, speaking Portuguese, Icelandic, Italian, Spanish and even Basque!

We would have inaugurated an exhibition where each participating country would have described the activities carried out in Bilbao, Rey and Porto with images, texts and works, and we would have introduced the work of Italian students inspired by Portuguese architecture. The gadgets related to our mobility had already been designed ...

The virus did not allow us to implement these plans, nor to meet our European friends in person, but the ideas, the meetings, the experiences carried out remain alive inside our minds and hearts and now are on this website, offered to those who want to take an interest in our history, which covered two years of our life, between 2019 and 2020.