The city of women:

stories of tradition

and folklore

Bilbao, the city of women: stories of tradition and folklore.  January, 27-February 2019

This project, a performance where all the areas of artistic representation merge into new ways of making and seeing art, aims to create new characters, which represent female figures inspired by the working women of Bilbao's industrial era. The project started with a guided tour around some of the latest artistic interventions in the Zorrozaurre area, once the area of greatest industrial development in Bilbao, and now one of the areas  in the city with the most throbbing artistic activity. During the tour, the historic role of these Bilbao women was taken into account.Working in groups and using different collage techniques, plastic elements and computers, the necessary graphic material was prepared for final exhibition, consisting in an open-air intervention. The students were able to create new female characters, ending with an exhibition-workshop in the streets of Getxo, where each group explained to the others the work they had done during the week. The female characters created by the students were pasted in different places all around Getxo's industrial area.